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Dippers getting giddy again

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Dippers getting giddy again

Post by Paulpowersleftfoot on Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:31 pm

The premature fawning over Liverpool is an embarrassment, it isn't their year, it's Manchester City's....again

The hyperbole in the media is predictable, but while the Reds have improved, they will not win the league

IT is late August and they are looking formidably good. With three wins from their opening trio of fixtures it’s a perfect start and there’s a cherry on top too, because they have yet to concede a single goal. Manchester City meanwhile trail by two points by virtue of a drawn game.

The fans are getting ahead of themselves, but their excitement is nothing compared to that of the media who accompany this early charge with feverish hyperbole.

The year is 2017 and the team is Manchester United. According to one newspaper Mourinho’s men are already showing signs of emulating Arsenal’s Invincibles.

There is no suggestion that Liverpool – this season’s nascent league leaders – will slump into mediocrity as United did last term. Indeed, the notion is utterly far-fetched, because although the Reds’ frighteningly quick and inventive frontline hasn’t properly clicked yet, their remodelled defence is looking sound. And the front three will click. Throw in the electric current of Naby Keita and it is fair to surmise that Liverpool will in due course significantly close the gap that saw them languish a staggering quarter of a century of points behind City last May.

Presently though, we have no capacity to determine this for sure. We can only surmise as we’re three games in, and that’s barely the opening paragraph in the story of 2018/19 that is set to run into many long chapters.

It would be nice then if somebody could pass on this undeniable fact to Liverpool supporters, because they’re doing it again: getting hopelessly and giddily carried away and generally embarrassing themselves by setting off fireworks and taking their tops off at 7pm while guests are still arriving.

It is a phenomenon that we witness every year because every year is going to be their year and with such regularity you’d think we would become largely immune to it all by now; absorb it through familiarity and perhaps even respond with a degree of weary endearment. But no, far from it. It never fails to astound: this hysterical level of self-reverence and anticipation based on not much at all; trumpeted with such cultish sincerity that you half-suspect it’s one big prank as they play up to stereotype.

If you could bottle this potent delusion of grandeur, the world would be full of Apprentice candidates and a motion would be passed in parliament to illegalise societal self-doubt. Or perhaps the government would go the other way and deem it unsafe for public consumption. Perhaps it would move underground; sold on street corners and in the dodgiest of pubs.

“Want some Liverpool mate?”

“Well I have had a bad day”.

One hit and you wholly believe that you’re acing your job while your perfectly ordinary suburban semi is a castle. It means more to live there.

Statistically, of course, it has to happen. One year has to be their year. Or does it? Tottenham haven’t won a league title since 1961, and with an average league placing of eighth, it’s not as if they’ve roamed the wilderness ever since. There is a chance that most of you reading this will go to your graves of old age believing that Liverpool fans are a mad bunch who failed to learn time and time and time again not to set themselves up for an almighty fall.

Worse yet, with the proliferation of social media, the delirium is only getting ever-more ridiculous. Decent passes made by an individual against the likes of Brighton and Palace are memed to the extent that just a few days in they are already as familiar as Bobby Moore’s tackle on Jairzinho. Furthermore, players are instated as the best in the world. Van Dijk: an extremely capable centre-back made to appear brilliant due to the comparative uselessness of his predecessors. Allison: a new signing who the average Red has seen play a grand total of seven or eight times for Liverpool, Brazil and his former club Roma.

Yet this premature acclaim is nothing compared to the farcical hype currently being farted about in the media because, let’s be absolutely clear about this, with no suggestion whatsoever of an ‘agenda’ or anti-City bias: it is in everybody’s best interests – bar Manchester City’s – that either Liverpool or Manchester United challenge them strongly for titles. It is in the interests of the two largest fan-bases in the country. It’s in the interests of the media, whose clicks and readers double when this occurs. And it’s in the best interests of the Premier League and we’ll come to that very shortly.

Here’s Alyson Rudd in The Times after Liverpool beat Crystal Palace last week to make it six points from six.

“They can scintillate to the point that all those watching can do is gasp, giggle and applaud. In the midst of the flurry of blistering counterattacks and heavy-metal football stands a player who is reading it all slightly differently, like a father figure making sure the firework party is fun, certainly, but above all safe”

She is referring there to Van Dijk by the way but at this juncture let’s take a deep, steadying breath and assimilate what has just polluted our eyes. Because if such fawning fan-fiction was submitted to a club fanzine, the editor would presumably publish but only with a heavy heart. After all, they had always aspired for their publication to be taken seriously and this, this reads like a dewy letter to Morrissey from a buck-toothed girl from Luxembourg.

Yet it was published in the Times. The Times. After a somewhat underwhelming Liverpool scraped past Crystal Palace 2-0, two games into a new season.

Across at the Mirror meanwhile they wrote about ‘the remarkable story of Liverpool’s goalkeeping evolution’. Spoiler alert: it involves spending twice as much for a keeper than any other club has ever done before.

Returning to Palace, 13 clubs kept clean sheets against them last season but that didn’t stop The Mail lauding the performances of Virgil Van Dijk and Joe Gomez for doing likewise. At Selhurst Park they ‘prowled like panthers’. Yesterday, following a tightly contested win at home to Brighton the very same paper went meta in comparing one prematurely crowned player in Allison, to another in Van Dijk, and that’s when you really know we’re through the looking glass. The obsequious prose was padded out by a rousing description of the Brazilian barging past Glenn Murray and punching away a corner. You know, like a goalkeeper does.

Considering that we are a mere fortnight into a season, all of the above amounts to over-excited lunacy that is at worst cringe-worthy propaganda, at best the crowning of an overly-entitled boy prince. But the best has been saved for last. Two weeks? Try a heartbeat.

 ‘The four seconds of football that shows why Naby Keita is the midfielder of the future, and could be Liverpool’s answer to Pogba or De Bruyne’.

This slice of pure nonsense wasn’t put up by a site called FootyStars or Goals Goals Goals for easy hits. It was published in the Independent.

Thankfully, all of this silliness is not in the least bit binding. Narrative does not have any actual bearing on reality. Commentary does not control a football match. The thoughts and desires of the Premier League itself however, well that’s another matter entirely.

“I’d like someone to get a little bit closer to Manchester City,” Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore said recently, before going on to openly wish for a more competitive league this time out.

This needs repeating: it is in everybody’s best interests – bar Manchester City’s – that Liverpool strongly challenge for the title this year.

So what of City? Well, this weekend they travelled to Wolves who were ramped up on promotion juice and played excellent throughout. Minus their chief orchestrator Kevin De Bruyne the Blues came away with a decent point to continue their unbeaten campaign so far and were only deprived of a victory due to an offside goal punched into the net and two denied penalty claims.

“I’d like someone to get a little bit closer to Manchester City,” Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore said recently.

On the plus side the league is reactive and seeing the joy Wolves got from pressing high and staying brave will prompt other teams to follow suit. City are going to ruthlessly exploit them for doing so in the weeks ahead and this no matter what is written or what is decreed from on high.

This is going to be City’s year, just like it was last year. Everything else is just gasping, giggling and applauding from the cheap seats.

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Re: Dippers getting giddy again

Post by blueboy on Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:37 pm

Yeah, read it this morning - Stephen Tudor was buying a tin hat today!!  Razz

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Re: Dippers getting giddy again

Post by TMG on Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:14 pm

The same press that has been bullying Razza for month's now !
If we do beat the dippers to the title it will just be even funnier to see the scummy scouse faces !

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Re: Dippers getting giddy again

Post by leopold on Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:39 pm

Screw 'em. They'll not win the league while having hot air blown up their arses, because they'll keep buggering it up against weaker teams who they'll be convinced they've beaten before even lacing up their boots. And I expect it'll be the likes of Wolves who do it.

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Re: Dippers getting giddy again

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