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Further opinion on FFP

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Further opinion on FFP

Post by ManCityMan on Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:26 pm

I hope you guys don’t mind if I mention another city related group.

There is a newsletter to which I subscribe called MCIVTA ( Manchester City Information Via The Alps). This was created mainly for people in the far flung corners of the empire to keep in touch with like minded City fans to discuss and keep updated on all things City. It’s not got fancy graphics and photos but some of the posts are worth a read. The current Editor is called Phil Banerjee and here are some links:

This is a post written last week by Phil, I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing it.


La Liga chief communications officer Joris Evers, has used the spurious claims of poorly written sneering, biased articles in a German magazine and website, Der Spiegel, to peddle lies about Manchester City and Paris St German.

Evers opined “The Football Leaks documents appear to confirm what we have been saying for years. Both PSG and Manchester City are cheating and should be sanctioned. We certainly hope Uefa will take the right decisions and enforce Financial Fair Play rules, but we don't have full confidence that they will.”

Evers went further, and threatened "Should Uefa fail to act, we will do what we have said before: launch a complaint with European Union competition authorities."

The Der Spiegel articles are based on what they say are hacked emails between City executives.

UEFA’s so-called Financial Fair regulations were implemented by the discredited and corrupt Michel Platini. A man who is banned for his wrong doing in football. The so-called Financial Fair Play regulations were introduced due to pressure from Europe’s Establishment clubs who wanted to maintain their cartel of dominance, and prevent the likes of Manchester City and Paris St Germain from competing at the top table of football, particularly in the Champions League. Clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United , Arsenal Bayern Munich, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and other members of Establishment were all highly influential in the shape of these self-serving and ultimately corrupt Financial Fair Play regulations, which were anything but about Financial Fair Play. The hypocrisy was and is staggering. Ridiculous rules that are anti-competitive.

Terrified of a breakaway by the Establishment, as well as corrupt, UEFA implemented these rules at short notice with City and PSG both receiving fines for not reaching deliberately unrealistic targets. In effect, lines were drawn around City and PSG to catch the two clubs out. It is fair also to wonder whether there is an element of racism
and Islamophobia to the way that the Establishment clubs are trying to exclude City and PSG.

City were fined £49m (£32m of which was suspended) and had to operate with a reduced squad in the Champions League.

Legal action was considered by both City and PSG, as the FFP regulations are anti-competitive but City executives worked hard to comply with UEFA’s rules, and City are now a profitable business.

City have done nothing wrong, and the same probably applies to PSG. There is nothing wrong with an owner investing in a club, especially when that investment is a gift and does not saddle the club with debt. 
UEFA’s so-called Financial Fair Play regulations go against the principles of business as well as being anti-competitive. In what other walk of life would a businessman not be allowed not to invest in their own business?

The Der Spiegel piece looks like its been written by some bitter 14 year old Bayern fan who doesn’t leave his bedroom very often.
The article also allege that FIFA President Gianni Infantini in his UEFA days agreed a lenient punishment for City as a “settlement”. How can that be “lenient”. City should not have paid a penny or had any punishment applied for allegedly contravening corrupt FFP regulations.

Der Spiegel also claim that Sheikh Mansour directly funded most of the Etihad sponsorship deal.

This does not hold water especially after Etihad Airways’ statement:
 "The airline’s financial obligations, associated with the partnership of the club and the broader City Football Group, have always been, and remain, the sole liability and responsibility of Etihad Airways. This is reflected in the airline’s audited accounts."

Etihad’s and City’s accounts are audited by respected companies whose reputations rest on doing an ethical job. No one in their right mind is going to believe an amateurish journalist or anyone else with ulterior motives, people with an agenda, such as La Liga executives who are sore that City and PSG who have the capability to the dominance of their clubs in Europe. In any case La Liga are hardly the guardians of fair play when they allow two clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona to have a grossly disproportionate amount of income from TV deals etc. The same La Liga that has allowed Real Madrid to be bankrolled by some very dodgy land deals such as the sale of their training ground at a hugely inflated price.

A convicted criminal like Uli Hoeness, his club Bayern Munich and La Liga executives and self-serving Establishment clubs are in no position to be judging Manchester City. La Liga is an uncompetitive league in  which Barcelona and Real Madrid have won 13 of the last 14 titles. Bayern Munich have won the last 6 Bundesliga titles. People like Tebas and Evers of La Liga and Rummenigge and the convicted crook Hoeness are hypocrites to be judging City.

It all seems rather coincidental that these allegations and also the news that FIFA are investigating City over allegations made that the Blues signed an agreement with Danish club FC Nordsjaelland allowing us to sign African players without a fee.  Their Chairman has said no
one has been forced to move.

Could it be the hand of Gill that is pulling the strings here in a clearly orchestrated and choreographed attack on City? David Gill doesn’t have influence with FA, UEFA and FIFA for no reason.

All this in a week when Anthony Taylor, the self-styled “Altrincham fan” from Wythenshawe with two brothers who are United season ticket holders, refs a Manchester Derby? Hmm, I wonder how big a branch the Wythy branch of Altrincham supporters branch is? 
If a Merseyside based referee cannot referee a Merseyside Derby then how can someone from the Manchester area with such connections referee a Manchester Derby?

The real corruption is being obfuscated by what are likely to be bogus allegations against City. Hopefully City can overcome the corruption of others.

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