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£10m Amazon deal....City behind the scenes.

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£10m Amazon deal....City behind the scenes.

Post by blueboy on Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:12 am

Can see the rights being eventually sold to the likes of Google. Amazon, Netflix etc anyway. Using a multi-platform approach to showing games. 
Manchester City are finalising the details of a highly lucrative fly-on-the-wall documentary series with Amazon Prime despite opposition from Premier Leaguerights holders.
It is understood City are being paid more than £10million for allowing Amazon access to all areas around the club for a season to film behind the scenes content for a number of programmes featuring Pep Guardiola’s side.
But Sky are known to have voiced their understandable unease at Amazon being able to buy their way into the Etihad Stadium when the sports subscription service have paid more than £4billion for their current Premier League rights, which works out at £11m a match. 
The Premier League have also made it clear they have strict regulations around match-day coverage to protect the rights of Sky and BT Sports, as well as their numerous overseas partners.
The Premier League restrictions have led to Netflix — Amazon’s great rivals in the sports documentary sphere — this week signing up Juventus instead for a similar project.
An email sent from Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles to UK contacts stated the big issue, which they did not know how to solve, was the Premier League controlling game-day access, so that getting match footage as well as material from the dug-out and dressing room would be ‘very tricky’.
In contrast, the Juventus deal will let Netflix produce four hour-long documentaries next year following the main characters on and off the field. It includes access to Serie A footage and inside the dressing room.
A Juventus spokesman said: ‘It’s a source of pride that Juventus is the first football club to be the subject of a Netflix original docu-series.’
Amazon declined to comment about the City partnership or its believed cost.
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Re: £10m Amazon deal....City behind the scenes.

Post by leopold on Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:42 pm

But surely the name "Behind the scenes" is a bit of a clue as to what's going to be featured?  Or does the PL now own the right to everything that happens at the club regardless of where or when it takes place?

I see this being one of those fly on the wall jobs, where on match days we'd see a couple of crowd shots, maybe a few of Pep with his bench crew, and possibly the team coming off the pitch and down the tunnel. But no actual football.

But it does rather prove the PL is only interested in the dollar and doesn't give a crap about the fans, the clubs or the sport itself. Not that we needed proof, but they've really just handed it to us on a plate.

Now, all we need is the club to chuck free Prime membership to ST holders, so we can get the benefit of it.  I bet that doesn't happen...

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Re: £10m Amazon deal....City behind the scenes.

Post by blueboy on Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:23 pm

Exactly Leo. Sky probably think that they can get access to interviews with players and Managers running up to 'big' games etc...and this may stand in their way if City sign a contract with Amazon, as they'd probably want exclusive footage for the series.

Also, you're bang on about Sky not giving a shit about the fans....see the Xmas Eve fixture as a prime example. How many people actually work on a Xmas Eve? Those that work in shops etc, who in no way, can apply to get a Xmas Eve off, even if it's a lunchtime KO. My wife's an Account Manager for Chanel...and she can't even take holidays or days off in November, never mind December!

I'm connected with Matt, CEO from Ball Street on LI ( and chat to him sometimes about various footballing stuff and he's made some excellent videos about how football will soon be taken to all sorts of viewing platforms....Amazon, FB, Google etc in the near future. They just have far more money than Sky will ever have.
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Re: £10m Amazon deal....City behind the scenes.

Post by Moonchester on Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:22 pm

I would like a discounted prime deal.. could be interesting, maybe tie it in with Cityzens? could be a money spinner...

online platforms will surely soon get some of the rights for premier league games.. I imagine they will outbid BBC for match of the day if nothing else at some stage..?

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Re: £10m Amazon deal....City behind the scenes.

Post by blueboy on Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:05 pm

That'd certainly be a way in Moon.
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Re: £10m Amazon deal....City behind the scenes.

Post by Sponsored content

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