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How much are our players really worth?

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How much are our players really worth?

Post by Topdawg on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:41 pm

There was a crappy valuation article on a crappy website recently. It really was bollocks with Salah apparently valued at 105M

How much do you think our players are really worth (ignoring Neymar's ridiculous price tag) with Lukaku bought for 75M and Pogba 89M.

Ederson -60M. The 35M we paid for him seems cheap. Only been a few games, but he looks fantastic for our system.
Walker - 70M. The 50M we paid for him seems cheap. Only been a few games, but he looks great for our system. Loads of assists already.
Kompany - 20M People would still want him and someone would take the risk. If he could have stayed fit, he'd be worth triple that.
Stones - 80M The 50M we paid for him seems extremely good value after his performances this season.
Otamendi - 30M. Looks much better this season, but still loves to dive in!
Delph - 20M. Seems crazy he was being touted to leave for 6-8M in the summer. England international, versatile and still under 30.
Mendy - 70M. The 50M we paid for him seems cheap now. Only been a few games, but he looks fantastic for our system.
Danilo - 30M. Must at least be worth what we paid.
Fernandinho - 30M. Even though he's 32, he's proven invaluable this season.
Yaya - 2M. Don't care now.
Bernardo - 50M. The 43M we paid for him seems incredibly good value with what happened afterwards. Not played enough to show his worth yet.
Spanish Dave - 50M. Even though he's in his 30s, he's got to be worth every penny of 50M.
KdB - 100M+ - He's only 26 and I think he's more a 150M player than Dembele.
Gundogan - 35M. If he hadn't got injured, he could have been worth a lot more. He was doing great last season. Not as good this season yet.
Sane - 100M. Must be worth that if not a lot more. If Barca want to bid 130M for Coutinho...
Sterling 80M. Kicking on this season but could be worth much more too. If Arsenal want to pay 90M for Lemarr....
Jesus - 100M. I'm not as convinced about him as others are.
Aguero - 100M. Even in his late 20s, he's worth every penny.

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Re: How much are our players really worth?

Post by TMG on Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:20 pm

Ederson -50M at least. Time will tell if he's worth more
Walker - 70M. Always thought this was a great signing. Bargain at £50m for the best full back in the country & one of the best in Europe
Kompany - 20M No more than that due to his age and constant injuries
Stones - 50M Has been excellent so far this season but still not sure if he's the next Bobby Moore. Still young though so his value will increase in the next couple of seasons if he continues to play as well as this season
Otamendi - 25M. Better than last season where we'd have been lucky to get £15m but still dont think he's worth what we paid for him. I doubt we'd get much more than £25m for him but his stock is going up every week
Delph - 25M. Always thought he was a good player. Shame he's not had more game time due to injuries and not being picked
Mendy - 70M. He has the potential to be a £100 million plus player. As he's gonna miss most of this season next season will be massive for him
Danilo - 30M. I agree. He must be worth at least what we paid.
Fernandinho - 20M. Doubt we'd get much more than that due to his age although he has been magnificent this season
Yaya - Free transfer No1 will want to pay his wages & a transfer fee. He'l probably go to WHU in Jan or next season on loan where we end up paying most of his wages until the fucker decides to retire
Bernardo - 43M. Cant go above what we paid as hasn't been given enough games. I do think he could be a very good signing though.
Spanish Dave - 20M. Wont get anymore than that but it is irrelevant because he'l stay at City til he's not good enough for the PL and then probably go to NYC
KdB - 130M+ - If Coutinho is worth that I reckon KDB is worth at least that. Be surprised if RM, PSG or Barca dont put in a stupid offer at the end of the season
Gundogan - 35M. Can't remember how much we paid but he has great potential. Not gonna get much game time to prove his worth though unless god forbid one of our star MFs 
Sane - 80M. More if he continues the way he has so far this season. Still a work in progress for Pep to turn him into a world beater
Sterling 80M. Having a great season. Playing as well if not better than he did when he was at Dipperville with the Biter.
Jesus - 100M+ Definitely a superstar in the making ! Great buy ! How much did we pay for him !
Aguero - 100M. I agree One of the top strikers in world football. Worth every penny.

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Re: How much are our players really worth?

Post by Moonchester on Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:10 pm

we won't be paying none of Yaya's wages next year as he will be out of contract.. wash our hands of his agent once and for all...
Gundongan, if drinkwater is worth £40m, so is he...
Kompany more like £10m with injury record.

I'd have Stones a bit higher.. maybe £70, if Real came in for him next summer I'd be wanting £80 for him,...

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Re: How much are our players really worth?

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