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Pep's message to city fans...

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Pep's message to city fans...

Post by Topdawg on Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:28 pm

Guardiola said: “Speculation is normal when you are out of a competition, it happens everywhere, not just the Premier League.
“We’re going to improve a lot next season. A lot of these guys will be here next season.
“People said we are going to change 12 or 13 players. I am going to assure you it’s impossible today to do that.
“You have to be a little bit more responsible.
“You have to imagine the club - 13 players have a contract and maybe have to pay them to go there. To pay their salaries, and pay £40m or £50m for every player.
“We are going to spend £500m or £600m, it’s impossible.
“We are going to try to improve the team, but do it in a way that’s possible in the market.

“Most of the players, the base is perfect, it’s done.”
Replacing three of his back four presents a major challenge to Guardiola in terms of bedding them in ahead of a season when he will be expected to mount a more genuine title challenge and improve in Europe.
“That’s true, but that’s why were going to try,” he said. “It doesn’t mean all the fullbacks will end their contracts and leave, some of them maybe are going to stay.
“We’re going to do what we’re going to do, but knowing that a lot of players, I don’t know the average, they are going to stay here next season to help us because we believe in them because they did really well.”
“The last month or month and a half John has made a huge step forward,” he said. “Maybe it’s not the best John Stones you’ve ever seen but next season will be better, because he’s so young.
“It’s the first year players have come here to play in Europe, and people believe they are going to come here, put them on the pitch and they are going to play well.
“They need the process, they need time to build and to be settled, but I am delighted with his performance and how good he will be for your national team in the future. I am pretty sure of that, how important he will be.
“Of course he makes mistakes, but it’s part of the process. I never saw a central defender or 20 or 21 years of age going into the last-16, quarter-finals or semi-finals or play in the big stages and not make mistakes. It’s impossible.
“We have to create a good environment for him to get him better, to help him. I’m talking about John Stones and all the other examples.
“I remember the performances against Barcelona here, the second half in Monaco, we are not a team like we show all the season - that is not the Monaco game.
“We are not a team to be stable for 90 minutes. We are new in many many things.
“The way we want to play and a lot of players they are new playing in the Champions League. Sterling is the second year, but the last year he played few times in the Champions League, so it is almost the first year.
“Sane is the first time playing on the biggest stages. People believed we arrive we came here we going to... we were there.
“We were so close to qualifying because we score a goal to make it 2-1, but that should be 2-2 because we created four chances before that goal. But that is the process.
“I understand that people cannot understand because big clubs... Chelsea are going to play the next season in the Champions League and Tottenham are going to play or we or United - the teams are going to be demanding there to win the Champions League.
“But that competition shows in the last 15-20 years - especially for English teams - Except Barcelona, Real Madrid and the other ones its so difficult to win that competition.
“Of course we have to improve and be better in the competition for next season and be more stable.”

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Re: Pep's message to city fans...

Post by blueboy on Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:47 pm

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